Conservation Geography Lab

Wilderness Research in the Anthropocene



Our lab focuses on the intersection of wildlife and the Anthropocene, meaning we are interested in the ways wildlife research influences and is influenced by the impact of modern human civilization. Specific research topics within the include wildlife movement ecology, invasive species management, protected lands policy, wild foods (foraging and hunting) and food sovereignty, and the ecological history/legacy of modern human civilization. We cast a wide net of research topics in the Conservation Geography Lab and we welcome students and collaborators interested in exploring broad questions with interdisciplinary solutions. 


Social Consciousness

The Conservation Geography Lab is one committed to improving the world through our research, recognizing that our work cannot have a positive impact without a robust understanding and daily practice of socio-political awareness. The lives of humans, no matter the identities individuals or groups claim, are deeply interconnected. Moreover, we recognize that the problems of the Anthropocene are deeply rooted in historical inequities who's momentum continues to plague progress at almost every level of society. In addition to the work members of Conservation Geography Lab conduct in the field, lab, and classroom, we are also doing the daily work of increasing our understanding of structural inequalities and injustices that impact society and thus the impact our work can have in the world. Click here to explore what literature, podcasts, and other media the lab is consuming and discussing around the issue of social consciousness.


What place does wilderness have in the modern world?



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